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Understand, support, celebrate


As a specialist advisory teacher for autism, I have worked with hundreds of young people, their families and education settings.

I actually started out with a Psychology degree and worked in a specialist school for autistic children.  Here I loved the interaction with the young people and so decided to pursue a career in teaching. 


Working as a mainstream class teacher, I found myself feeling frustrated that I couldn't always dedicate the time I wanted to focus on the neurodivergent pupils in my class, despite this being where my passion lay.  

I was then very lucky to find a role as an advisory teacher focusing just on autism, meaning I could really immerse myself in the world of autism and education.  I went on to complete my Masters at Sheffield Hallam University, with support from the wonderful Luke Beardon as my tutor.


My own love of learning and being constantly reflective (thank you Roehampton for all those sessions on reflective practice!) mean I am always looking to learn more, do more and share more with others.  

Over 2021-22, I decided to write a set of books to support young people to understand their autistic identity, something that is key to developing a future positive self-image. These are being published by Routledge in 2023.

I hope that this site brings you some words of encouragement, reflection or inspiration. 

I'd love to hear from you - you can get in touch below.

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